Wood Darts

Soft Tip Wooden Darts

Soft tip wooden darts are available in a variety of styles of exotic woods. Soft tip wooden darts are the style of darts that are for using with the electronic boards. Soft tip wooden darts use the 2ba replaceable plastic tips and have interchangeable flights. The weights of these are approximately 12 grams at the lightest up to around 25 grams for the heaviest. Although I don't currently offer them, screw on weights are available at most dart shops to increase the weight if desired.

wooden dart

Steel Tip Wooden Darts

These darts are nearly identical to the ones above with the exception of steel tips so that they can be used with the traditional cork or bristle dart boards. These are naturally a little heavier to start and can have weights added to the desired weight.

wooden darts blood wood darts

We appreciate very much to receive your particular designs, and always try all out to meet any specific requirement. The motto for our company is that, there never be minimum order, but any one could bring to us the most potential buyer.

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