Dartzy Dart Rule

Dartzy Dart Rule

This game is a version of the great and popular Milton Bradley game, Yahtzee (copyright 1991). The game plays exactly like the real game although scoring is slightly different to fit a dart board instead of the usual dice. The game may be played by any number of people or teams. It may also be expanded to be played like Triple Yahtzee. The game has some difficult sections to score, however since you have a fixed number of throws, the games never take to long.

The Object of Dartzy Dart Rule

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent(s) by throwing "poker-like" hands. Lasse's dart club's record for this game was a score of 1207 which stood for 10 years! The new high score was done by Rob D. with a 1302 on 12/15/01! Let me know if you manage to beat it.

The Scoring of Dartzy Dart Rule

The scoreboard is setup as shown below, or you may save this graphic and print it out.

Players throw one dart each at bullseye to determine playing order, closest to the bullseye goes first. Players names are written accross the top of the scoreboard in playing order.

The Play of Dartzy Dart Rule

Players take turns, in order, throwing three darts to try and score the targets "hands" as shown on the score board. After throwing three darts a score for that round MUST be placed in one of the available slots on the scoreboard. If there is no avaiable slot that matches the darts that were thrown, a zero must be scored in one of the open slots of the player's own choosing.

Under dartzy rules, when both players have completed all the slots with scores and/or zeros, the total score is calculated and the player with the highest score wins.

Under dartzy rules, scoring is handled in a standard fashion, all the numbers count as themselves. The thin outer double ring scores two times the number hit and the thin inner triple ring counts as three times the number hit. The outer bullseye scores 25 points and the inner double-bull scores 50 points.









As many 15`s through20`s as you can hit



doubles & triples count in the usual way







Total of 15`s through 20`s



100point bonus if sub-total is 315 or more



2 of the same number or a double



2 of one number and 2 of another



3 of the same number or a triple



four of the same number



3 consecutive numbers between 1-10



3 consecutive numbers between 11-20



3 of the same number &2 of another bullseyes(25 points each)





5 of the same number scores 100 points



anything you want



Strategy of Dartzy Dart Rule

In dartzy rules, strategy is an important point. Standard strategy for Yahtzee does not quite apply here since what you score is not completely luck. One strategy that does still apply, though, is to try for the harder hands first, this way if you don't make them you may be able to use the score elswhere. Do not go down the list from top to bottom. Also, leave your chance available as long as possible. I haven't played this enough yet to come up with good strategy suggestions, when I do, I'll update this section.

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