Sudden Death Dart Rule

Sudden Death Dart Rule

This is a VERY fast moving game for a large number of players. Playing with less than six players means the game will be over in two or three minutes.

The Object of Sudden Death Dart Rule

To be the last person not eliminated.

The Scoring of Sudden Death Dart Rule

No scoring is needed, all you have to do is remember playing order and what the LOWEST score thrown in each round is.

The Play of Sudden Death Dart Rule

Each player (there are no teams in this game) throws one dart at bullseye, closest to the bullseye goes first.

Each player takes a turn trying to throw the highest possible score with three darts. Each dart scores the number where it landed with the thin outer "doubles" ring counting as two times the number hit and the thin inner "triples" ring counting as three times. The outer bullseye counts as 25 and the inner as 50 points.

After each player has thrown, whoever threw the lowest score that round is elminated from the game and the next round is thrown with the remaining players. Whoever is left in the game at the end wins.

One fun variation on this game that I like is to score it like the Low version of High/Low and eliminate whoever threw the HIGHEST score. It's alot of fun this way.

Strategy of Sudden Death Dart Rule

Play your strongest numbers! A triple 16 (if that's your number) is a lot better score that floundering around the 20 and hitting 5's and 1's.

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