Dart Flights

dart flightDarts flights are the fins or wings found at the back of a dart. They serve to stabilize the dart during flight and are made of various materials. Dart flights do not generate lift. Flights only resist motion away from the centerline of the dart. (Airplane wings generate lift by means of their curved shape, whereas darts flights are flat.)

Dart Flights come in many different shapes / colours and designs, and is one of the items that will be broken first, a bad flight make the throw worse, so always keep some spare flights when you throwing darts or participating in tournaments.

It’s also important to spread your dart flights when you mount it on the shaft. Make sure of that the angels are around 90 degrease, and not flat mounted, if the flights are not properly mounted the darts is not that stabilized when you throw them. Flights are necessary for the dart to stabilize in the air when you throw it.To keep your flights stablized ,there is a small device called flight protector.

Dart Flights Types

Hard dart flights are made of a stiff polyester plastic that holds shape well. The layers are permanently sealed together by heat during manufacture. Because the plastic is harder, they don't tear as easily as Soft Flights,however if they do tear, they cannot be resealed and are ruined.

Nylon dart flights, made of ripstop nylon fabric, ar by far the most durable type of darts flight. These dart flights are are very hard to tear.Nylon Flights are available in solid colors and dozens of printed designs.

Dimplx, ribtex and other similar styles are actually hard dart flights which have been embossed with a texture.

Soft dart flights are made of a flexible plastic sheet, preprinted with a variety of designs and then folded into shape.

Paper dart flights are made of papers,which are very easy to handle,you can visit the page of how to make a paper filght.

Dart Flights Shapes

The flight shape in the pictures above is called "standard". Other shapes are called "pear", "kite"," Lantern", and many more are available.Today there are many different shapes and styles of flights on the market. There are 1,000’s of different designs, styles to choose from. Here are a few examples of the many shapes( Yon can refer to the picture on the right).But for getting started you should use the "standard" shape.

Why do dart flights come in different shapes?

Wing surface area affects the dart flights. As a guide, slim or kite shapes are better on lighter barrels. This type of flights is most used by soft darts players. Whilst, pear, standard and vortex shapes are suitable for medium to heavy darts, and used by steel darts players. You can use all flights on most darts it all depends on your throwing style, so my advice is to try out different shapes and figure out witch shape fits your throwing style.

flight shapes

The most important rules for handling dart flights are:

1) Always use the same flight shape on all your 3 darts.

2) Always spread your flights.

Look: flat dart flights are very bad! When you put new flights on your darts it is likely that the result looks like this. You will have to do some manual "spreading" work with every new flight.

Dart flights correctly spread: good! This flight is spread correctly. You must spread your dart flights because only this guarantees a proper flight of the dart.

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