Tungsten Barrel Types

As a big manufacturer of tungsten barrel, we offer various tungsten barrel types to many dart manufacturers worldwide. Some listed below.

Generally speaking, tungsten barrels are always made of tungsten heavy alloy, 80~95%W with binders (Ni, Cu, Fe) of various composition.

Meanwhile, we also supply tungsten barrel types lower than 80% by weight, and the binder would be copper only. However, such tungsten barrel would be finished with copper-looking rather than tungsten-looking.

Any interest to tungsten barrel types listed, please pick out the type number and forward to us with your inquiry details.

Your inquiry of specific designs will be welcomed also, and your unique drawings with order details are requested. 


tungsten barrel01

  TYPE: CTP-D-K002

tungsten barrel02

  TYPE: CTP-D-003

tungsten barrel03

  TYPE: CTP-D-K004

tungsten barrel04

  TYPE: CTP-D-005

tungsten barrel05

  TYPE: CTP-D-K006

tungsten barrel06

  TYPE: CTP-D-K007

tungsten barrel07

  TYPE: CTP-D-008

tungsten barrel08

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If you have any interest in tungsten dart barrels, please feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com   sales@xiamentungsten.com or by telephone:+86 592 5129696.