How to Make Paper Flight

If you would like to make some retro flights the best material to use is a square Post-It-Note. Post-It-Notes are available in a large range of colours and they are the idea size to make a dart flight. The only change we can make to the above is to trim the side so that the flight looks like a conventional dart flight. If you have an old dart flight, use this as a template.

  • First step is to make all the folds in the paper
  • Second fold the paper into the flight shape as above.
  • Thirdly use an old dart flight as a template, and draw around it so the paper flight takes on a modern day look.
  • Fourthly cut around the marking to form the flight after you have folded the paper into the flight shape.
  • Lastly, lightly glue the flight together.

Paper flights became commercially available in the 1930’s, these flights came pre-gummed similar to an envelope adhesive. You still had to fold them the same way as McKenney’s patent but the flight design was different in shape.


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