Dart World Champion

Current World Darts Champions

          BDO: Ted Hankey The Count

          PDC: Phil Taylor The Power

          Women's: Francis Hoenselaar

Multiple World Darts Champions

         14 Phil Taylor The Power (12 PDC, 2 BDO)

         7 Trina Gulliver The Golden Girl

         5 Eric Bristow Crafty Cockney

         5 Raymond van Barneveld Barney/ The Man (4 BDO, 1 PDC)

         3 John Part Darth Maple (1 BDO, 2 PDC)

         3 John Lowe Old Stoneface

         2 Ted Hankey The Count

         2 Jocky Wilson

         2 Dennis Priestley The Menace(1 BDO, 1 PDC)

Former single-time BDO World Darts Champions

        Mark Webster

        Martin Adams Wolfie

        Bob Anderson The Limestone Cowboy

        Steve Beaton Magnum-PI/ The Bronze Adonis

        Richie Burnett The Prince of Wales

        Tony David The Deadly Boomerang

        Keith Deller The Fella The Milky Bar Kid

        Andy Fordham The Viking

        Jelle Klaasen The Matador

        Leighton Rees

        Les Wallace McDanger

        John Walton John Boy


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